Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai welcomes all practitioners of combat Aiki into the fraternal fellowship and community of our organization. SRSBR recognizes, endorses and promotes the principles, techniques and philosophies of combat arts stemming from Japan.

We offer our members the following:

      • Reasonable Membership Fees
      • Reasonable Training/Mat Fees
      • Internationally Recognized and Certified Rank


Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai is organized for the following purposes:

  1. To provide a means of training in Aiki-based arts
  2. To preserve the knowledge and integrity of Aiki-based systems
  3. To provide an avenue of recognition for practitioners of Aiki-based systems
  4. To establish basic guidelines by which all members will observe
  5. To provide a means of certification and validation for practitioners of Aiki-based arts
  6. To recognize, certify and endorse member schools (dojos), clubs and study groups


The mission of Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai is to provide an atmosphere of traditional Japanese training, fellowship and brotherhood among practitioners of Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo-based arts; to promote, endorse, teach and convey the principles, philosophies and techniques of Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo-based arts; to continue and preserve the traditional aspects, both in concept and application of Aikijujutsu, Goshinjutsu, Kenjutsu and Happojutsu; to provide our students with valid and recognized certification; and to promote an arena by which all members may expand their technical skills and abilities.