Welcome to the International home of Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo (Sentou-ryu Aikijujutsu, Sentou-ryu Goshin-jutsu, Sentou-ryu Kenjutsu, Shinreikan Happo-jutsu). Sentou-ryu is a modern expression of traditional Japanese Warrior arts. Sentou-ryu Sogo Budo Rengokai is a multi-discipline, Japanese martial arts organization, based in the United States under the direct authority of the Goshinkan International Hombu Dojo

The Kaiso (Founder) extends his welcome to all those who desire to learn and grow in the multi-faceted system of martial arts known as Sentou-ryu.

Kaiso Chase demonstrates Aikijujutsu waza techniques followed by an immobilization.

Sentou-ryu utilizes strikes, kicks, constrictions, throws and immobilization, joint manipulations, pressure points and weapons.